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Postbox 7.0 chula free download torrent

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Mailbox is a fairly convenient email client, based on Mozilla Thunderbird, so it is very similar, but according to the developers, it has more features. It should be noted immediately that the client may find it convenient for those who often write letters with attachments, such as pictures or documents, videos, and so on. You can send photos directly from the client interface and then upload them to Picasa immediately. You can download the following mailbox.

I would also like to point out the convenient tab bar, there is a set of special buttons such as images, links and others, which can let you open each attachment in a letter with a mouse click, you can also open each link in separate windows . In addition, you can perform the set of steps you need most for each letter attachment.

Mailbox has its own search engine, you can find the information you need directly in the letters they send you, such as a contact name or mailing address, the link or image you need, any topic. Once the search is complete, the results can be displayed in a special format. The mailbox is easy to use, Russian support is available, I really liked the interface, no complaints.

Postbox 7.0

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